Accidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

If you have been injured by a drunk driver you need a former DUI Prosecutor on your side.


Drunk Driving Accident AttorneyThese accidents tend to involve both reckless driving and high levels of speed on the part of the Drunk Driver. These cases require a higher level of skill and experience to properly handle them. Your Injury Attorney should have experience as a DUI Prosecutor in order to deal with the unique issues that arise in proving a DUI in Court. As a former Tampa DUI Prosecutor and experienced Tampa Accident Attorney I have handled over 1000 cases involving Drunk Drivers.

Some of the unique issues in a DUI Accident are:

  1. Can anyone identify the driver of the car that caused the accident?
  2. Did the at fault driver show clues of impairment immediately after the accident?
  3. Did the at fault driver show signs of impairment during the roadside sobriety tests?
  4. Did the at fault driver take or refuse a breath test?
  5. Did the Officer video tape the roadside sobriety tests or the breath test?
  6. Did the Police reconstruct the accident?
  7. Was the intoxalyzer 8000 properly maintained?
  8. Were the statements by the at fault driver obtained legally?

If you are the victim of a Tampa Bay Auto Accident involving a drunk driver DO NOT hire an Accident Attorney without asking about his/her experience in handling DUI cases! At the Law Offices of Michael Herron we are all former DUI prosecutors with the experience needed to properly handle a DUI Accident case.

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