Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists face unique hazards that other drivers might be unaware of.


Motorcycle Accident LawyerMotorcycles are smaller and thus more difficult to see or more likely to be obscured by other vehicles or road conditions. Road conditions such as a wet road, pot holes, puddles, debris and bumps become major obstacles for a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle accident cases are handled like car accident cases except for a few key differences that are listed below:

PIP Insurance

Most motorcyclists don’t carry PIP insurance because it isn’t required in Florida. This means that a motorcyclist, who is the victim of an accident, will have to use the PIP insurance of the driver. If there is no PIP available, an attorney can issue a letter of protection on your behalf.


The injuries caused to the cyclist in an accident are usually far more serious than those caused in a car accident. Motorcyclists lack the protective barrier of metal that auto drivers have. Special care is needed in the handling of these cases to insure that the client recovers enough to guarantee proper care of his/her injuries. Some of the common injuries in a motorcycle accident are : skull fractures, brain injuries, broken bones, loss of a limb, paralysis and road rash.

Property Damage

Most of the time the motorcycle is badly damaged and the insurance company decides to “total” it. Be sure to consult the NADA bluebook and the dealer in order to determine fair replacement value.

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