New Technology Could Stop Distracted Driving

motorcycle accident

As any motorcycle accident lawyer will tell you, distracted driving doesn’t just cause fender benders. Not only is distracted driving on the rise in the smartphone era, but it’s also extremely lethal. As of 2015, federal data shows that distracted driving claims 3,477 lives every year. While any driver or pedestrian can be injured in […]

Tips to Prevent Florida Boating Accidents

Boats and yachts on florida coasts

Whether you are from warmer, Southern states or visiting from the cold Midwest states, going boating or enjoying activities on the water are both popular things to do in Florida. Sun, surf and sand are all incredible attractions that draw in people from all around the world to the Florida coasts. Unfortunately, accidents can happen […]

What is Evidence? What is Authentication?

Evidence & Authentication

Evidence Any type of physical proof of an accident that helps provide information in cases involving injury and damage. It is important to take notes soon after an accident to provide the most relevant and accurate information. It is sometimes easy to forget specifics after an accident. Preserve any evidence if possible. Taking pictures and […]

What is Discovery In A Lawsuit?

What is Discovery In A Lawsuit?

When both sides of a case attempt to gather all information regarding the accident it is called “Discovery.” There are several ways that attorneys gather this information that allow both sides to get a better understanding of what happened and how they should proceed. Written questions sent from one attorney to the other party are […]

What kind of car insurance should I buy?

There are several different forms of coverage you can have on your automobile insurance plan. Some types of coverage are not required in Florida and can save you money by not having them included on your plan. If you own a vehicle that has four wheels or more, you are required to have at least […]

What is the time limit to sue for negligence in Florida?

In the state of Florida, the time limit to sue for negligence is generally 4 years. But for some instances, this limit can be shorter or longer. Cases that involve private businesses or government entities may change the statute of limitations for your claim. With large supermarkets and retail businesses, it is still generally a […]