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Have you been in an accident involving an 18 wheeler, or other commercial vehicle? If so, then you’re in the right place. I’m Michael R. Herron, and I’m an attorney experienced with commercial vehicle accidents. Commercial vehicles often cause the most catastrophic accidents on the road today. They’re usually owned by businesses, and are forced to carry better insurance policies and most personal vehicles. This makes commercial vehicle accidents a special subset of personal injury law, which requires specialized representation.

There are a handful of factors that we look for in every commercial vehicle accident. If any of this sounds familiar, you might want to consider legal action. 

Aggressive Driving

You’d think that commercial drivers would be amongst the most cautious on the road, due to the size of their vehicles, the risk involved, the fact that it’s their job to drive. But it’s far too often that we see a commercial driver speeding and trying to weave his way through traffic at a high speed in order to meet a deadline. This can lead to horrific accidents due to the size and weight of the commercial vehicle and why I am well-versed as a commercial vehicle accident attorney.

Negligent Maintenance

Commercial vehicles have strict guidelines on how they need to be maintained. If the vehicles aren’t maintained properly, it can lead to accidents. If that happens, you need an experienced attorney who can identify the lapses in maintenance and ensure that you are compensated fairly. Some of the things we look for are:

  • Tire blowouts due to worn tread or improper pressure
  • Brake failure
  • Defective load straps
  • Failure to install an under-ride protection under-guard
  • Worn wiper blades
  • Overloaded trucks or trailers

Driver Fatigue

It’s a sad fact – some drivers get overworked. Long hours and strict deadlines mean that they are often pushed to their limit, which can result in impaired judgment, vision, coordination, and reaction time. In extreme scenarios, drivers may even fall asleep at the wheel.


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how deadly a DUI can be, even when the driver is behind the wheel of a consumer vehicle. When the driver of a commercial vehicle is impaired, the damage can be even worse. 

Drugs and alcohol also impair vision, judgement, coordination, and more. If you have been in a commercial vehicle accident, and you suspect it was caused by a DUI, it’s crucial for you to get professional representation as quickly as possible, to preserve possibly fleeting evidence and to give you the best chance at making your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average settlement for a 18 wheeler accident?

Of course you can. A car crash involving an 18 wheeler is the same as any other car crash, at least in terms of legal liability. What does change is the level of expertise in the defendant’s representation. These large vehicles are owned by large companies, which means they could have an army of lawyers ready to exploit any and every loophole. That’s why you need a commercial vehicle accident attorney with the expertise to handle your case. 

Who is responsible in a commercial vehicle accident?

The answer to this question is the same as for a personal car accident. It depends. Just because one of the vehicles is an 18 wheeler does not automatically mean that the accident is their fault. However, if any of the factors I highlighted earlier sound familiar, you should consider bringing on legal representation. 

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