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If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident, the first thing you should do is make sure that you’re okay.

Some injuries might not present themselves until after the adrenaline and shock of being in accident have subsided, so if you are even a little bit unsure about how you’re feeling, seek medical attention.

Once you’ve been medically cleared, you need to start looking for a lawyer straight away. There are probably numerous lawyers in proximity local to your location but how do you find the best one?

Start at The Scene of the Accident

Your safety and well being come first but if you’re able to make phone calls, you need to make two different phone calls right away.

The first call needs to be to your insurance agent to discuss what happened, share pictures if you’re able and any details you have of the accident.

After you’ve discussed in detail with your insurance agent what the next steps are, you need to call personal injury lawyers in your local area to get a consultation and find out what you need to do next. 

If you’re a little shook up, you can wait until you get home to begin your search but it’s important that you do this right away. Time is crucial in cases like this and the quicker you begin the legal procedure, the better chance you have of being fairly compensated, provided that the accident wasn’t your fault.

Ask Friends & Family

If you’ve never used an accident attorney before or if you had bad experiences with the ones you’ve used in the past, then you might not be sure where to begin your search. 

Your friends & family don’t have to know every detail of what happened during your accident but they might be able to help you locate a good lawyer. Ask them if they know of anyone or if they know of anyone who’s been in an accident that used a local lawyer you can use.

Additionally, you can post to social media (like Facebook) to ask for referrals. You don’t need to post the details of your accident or that you’ve even been in one. Just say, “Looking for recommendations for a personal injury attorney,” and see who people suggest.

Perform A Google Search

If you go to Google and type a search term such as “motorcycle accident lawyer near me”, you’ll be presented with a long list of attorneys and lawyers.  Write down a few names from the list. Between the suggestions from your family, friends and social media plus this list you should have at least 5-10 lawyers to consider.

Look Closely At Online Reviews & Consultation Terms

Now that you have a list of motorcycle accident attorneys to consider, you need to find which lawyer will be best suited for you and your situation.

Go back to Google and type each attorney or law firm’s name plus the word, “reviews.” So, if you were researching our law firm you would type in “Michael Herron reviews.”

Look through the reviews and look for keywords that relate to your situation such as motorcycle accident, personal injury or accident compensation. Also, if you see any negative reviews make note of the individual’s specific complaint. Even highly-rated lawyers might have one or two negative reviews, so you want to see if the complaint looks valid and you might want to consider asking the lawyer about the complaint so that you have both sides of the story,

Also, visit the attorney’s website and make sure they’re offering a free case review or free consultation. The majority of motorcycle accident lawyers will provide consultations free of charge so there is really no reason why you should pay for this service.

Finding the Right Amount of Experience

Lawyers typically make their educational backgrounds publicly available on their websites. You really should consider working with a lawyer who has been practicing law for many years. Look for a lawyer he completed law school many years ago.

There’s also no shame in asking how many personal injury cases they’ve handled and how much compensation on average they’ve gotten people through motorcycle accidents. If you don’t like what you’re hearing or you don’t feel like the lawyer you’re talking to is qualified enough to handle your case, you can simply thank them for their time and find someone else.

For example, if you find a lawyer that’ll handle your case at a good price but their background is entertainment lawsuits or civil disputes, you’re probably not going to get the personal experience needed for your specific case.

Make sure any lawyer you talk to has a strong background in automobile accidents and personal injury claims. Ask about the outcomes of cases they’ve handled that are similar to yours.


Something that will vary from lawyer to lawyer is how available they are to you. Some lawyers are so busy or so non-attentive that it could take them days to get back to your inquiries. This isn’t a lawyer you want on your side. When you call the firm, do you get a secretary or do you get some generic voicemail telling you to leave a message? 

Also, don’t assume that using the largest local personal injury law firm is the best idea. Larger firms have large advertising budgets so you may see their ads everywhere and assume that they’re the best choice for your case.  However, many people who work with a large law firm learn quickly that it can be a huge mistake. Why? When you select a larger firm you might never even speak directly with your lawyer. You are frequently paired with a legal assistant who manages your case.  Smaller firms, like The Law Office Of Michael Herron, give you direct access to your attorney.

Do You Need A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

After you’ve taken care of yourself and gotten every piece of crucial evidence you need, it’s time to start searching for a lawyer. Look through online reviews such as on local Google results to find the nearest lawyers to you. Give your friends and family a call for help, because some of them may be able to help you with temporary financial aid as well as finding a lawyer for you. Make sure it’s a well-run office with high-availability.  

Schedule a free consultation with Micheal Herron today. Mr. Herron has over 45 five star reviews on Google and is one of the most highly-rated solo practice accident lawyers in Tampa, FL. You can be confident you will receive one on one attention by a reputable lawyer who cares deeply about winning your case.

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