A Personal Injury Lawsuit with model cars.

After a car accident, you might wonder if getting an attorney will help.

There are many ways that an experienced attorney can assist in a car accident case. Knowledgeable attorneys can do a lot, from providing consultations and advice to discovering important accident details and more.

Your Car Accident Attorney Provides Legal Advice

After reporting the accident to the authorities and determining if anyone involved is injured, you may want to consider contacting a car accident attorney.

Legal advice can prove valuable and effective in a car accident case. Attorneys can advise you on whether or not to speak to the insurance of the other involved individual(s). In many cases, attorneys will speak to insurance companies on your behalf, navigating the complexities of the insurance system so you don’t have to.

Each accident also has a deadline to submit your case. Missing these critical deadlines can mean you won’t receive compensation for your injuries or damages at all. An attorney can help keep you on track so that you don’t miss any deadlines.

Appropriate legal advice can prevent the denial of your claim and improve your chances of fair compensation that truly covers all of the associated expenses of the car accident.

Lawyers Calculate Damages and Costs Accurately

The level of property damage and personal injury is different for each case. You can repair most property damages at a cost, but physical injuries may last longer and have a broader impact on your overall life. Some injuries may be permanent, and the necessary medical attention can cost over $100,000.

Losing the ability to work after an accident can make it impossible to pay for the costs of damages and medical expenses on your own. An experienced lawyer will know how to accurately calculate economic and non-economic damages and costs that arise from the accident. This knowledge helps your attorney fight for the amount of compensation you need to cover all of the costs of the accident.

Attorneys Negotiate Insurance Claims

Insurance claims are a significant hassle for individuals, especially in the aftermath of a car accident. Experienced attorneys know how insurance companies work and are familiar with the tactics necessary to negotiate for their clients’ fair compensation effectively.

Some insurance companies may try to offer the lowest amount possible to settle the case. This offer may be tempting, but it might not cover all of the expenses associated with the accident and your injuries. An attorney will work with you to negotiate a payout that covers all of your expenses.

Lawyers Represent You

It can be tempting to represent yourself in a car accident case to save the expense of a lawyer. However, lacking an attorney in both out-of-court or in-court cases can lead to either outright denial of the claim or a paltry settlement that doesn’t cover your necessary expenses.

There are numerous procedures and protocols that you will need to follow if you try to represent yourself. Cases like car accidents also require a lot of paperwork and documentation. Unless you have time to learn all car accident laws, you might find it easier to hire a lawyer.

Small settlements often include a document that requires your agreement and signature. The document prevents you from pursuing further compensation, even if your settlement isn’t enough compensation to cover all of the accident expenses. An attorney can help you fight to receive a settlement that covers your expenses in the wake of an accident.

Lawyers have years of education, training, and experience in handling car accident claims in and out of court. Your lawyer will know what paperwork is due in each stage of the insurance negotiations and can negotiate for adequate compensation more quickly. Most importantly, a lawyer fights for you at all stages of a case.

Attorneys Help Clients Understand Compensation

Compensation can help individuals cover expenses for damage repair and short or long-term medical attention for injuries. Your attorney knows what does and doesn’t count as potential compensation in your case. Some common compensation claims might include:

  • Immediate and future medical costs
    • Medical equipment expenses
    • Mobility devices
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost wages (current and future)
  • Face or body disfigurement
  • Short- or long-term disabilities
  • Household assistance or nursing
  • Emotional and physical pain and suffering
  • Losing the enjoyment of life

The potential compensation in each case will vary depending on the severity of damage and injury. Your attorney can advise your approach to compensation and guide you through these complex claims more effectively than if you try to self-represent your case.

Lawyers Know Legal Limitations

Florida’s state law discusses the limitations associated with car accident cases. These limitations can dictate whether or not your case is valid. Your lawyer will know the following statutes and how they impact your case:

  • The amount of time you have to see a doctor after an accident to seek attention for any injuries you intend to claim
  • The amount of time allowed between the accident and filing a wrongful death claim
  • How long you have to file a negligence lawsuit after a car accident
  • The amount of time insurance companies have to pay a settlement after reaching an agreement

If you want to avoid missing any critical deadlines or exceeding statutes of limitation after a car accident, you will want to hire a knowledgeable attorney. Professional legal guidance helps improve the chances of succeeding in your car accident compensation case.

A Local and Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Tampa

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