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If you or someone you know has developed ovarian cancer or fallopian tube cancer after using talc products, we can help.

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Talcum Powder Use Has Been Linked To Cancer

Since 1971, more than 20 credible research studies have linked talcum powder to cancer. A more recent analysis of several studies found that women who have used talc powder were over 30% more likely to develop ovarian cancer.

Repeated use of talcum powder is currently linked to two types of cancer:

  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Fallopian tube cancer

If you used talc powder and developed cancer, it is in your best interest to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about filing a talcum powder lawsuit.

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A report by Reuters in late 2018 revealed that Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that its baby powder products were contaminated by asbestos, a mineral known to cause cancer, but the company failed to publicly disclose that information.

Johnson & Johnson vigorously denied the allegations in a statement on its website and called the story an “absurd conspiracy theory.” 

The company continues to defend its baby powder as “safe and asbestos-free.” Johnson & Johnson powders are still being sold today.

On Oct. 18, 2019, Johnson & Johnson issued a voluntary recall for one lot of Johnson’s Baby Powder after a U.S. Food and Drug Administration test found trace levels of chrysotile asbestos contamination.

Companies named in lawsuits include Johnson & Johnson, Vanderbilt Minerals, Colgate-Palmolive and Imerys Talc America. Johnson & Johnson faces the largest number of talc cancer claims.

Juries have returned billions of dollars in verdicts for plaintiffs, and lawsuits continue to pour in. Most settlements so far have been with individual plaintiffs for undisclosed amounts.

Brands Of Baby Powder Included In Lawsuit

  • Johnson’s Baby Powder
  • Shower to Shower
  • Gold Bond No Mess Power Spray
  • Gold Bond Body Powder
  • Gold Bond Extra Strength Body Powder

Individuals who’ve used talc-containing products and developed mesothelioma are also eligible to file a lawsuit. These products can be cosmetic, such as baby powder, or industrial, such as clay, chalk, paper, crayons, pottery, joint compounds and adhesives.

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What You Need To Know Before You File a Talcum Powder Lawsuit

The majority of plaintiffs who’ve won large court awards from Johnson & Johnson have had lawyers to represent them in court.

Talcum powder lawsuits are complicated legal proceedings, which is why it’s smart to hire a law firm. It can be tempting to handle your own case, but preparing court briefs and serving a summons takes time and knowledge of the law.

Even collecting your medical records is tricky given that the required time doctor’s offices and hospitals must keep medical records varies from state to state.

When you sue billion-dollar corporations like Johnson & Johnson, you’re taking on Big Pharma — these institutions have enormous financial and legal resources.

That’s hardly a job for a someone suffering from medical complications. With Herron Law on your side, you can level the playing field against these corporations and help increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

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What Are The Requirements To File A Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Or Baby Powder Lawsuit?

  • Must have used Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder or Shower-to-Shower talcum powder for 4+ years continuously in the general area
  • Must be diagnosed with ovarian cancer or Fallopian tube cancer
  • Must have been diagnosed in 2009 or later
  • Must have used talcum powder before menopause

Do You Qualify for Compensation From A Talcum Powder Lawsuit?

Our skilled personal injury attorneys are investigating cases and filing class-action lawsuits for those who have been diagnosed with cancer following regular talcum or baby powder use.

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