What is Discovery In A Lawsuit?

What is Discovery In A Lawsuit?

When both sides of a case attempt to gather all information regarding the accident it is called “Discovery.”

There are several ways that attorneys gather this information that allow both sides to get a better understanding of what happened and how they should proceed.

  1. Written questions sent from one attorney to the other party are called interrogatories. Interrogatories must be answered under oath and be answered as accurately as possible. They are often given with a certain amount of time to be answered within.
  2. A document called a Request for Production can be sent to attain several forms of evidence from the other party, including documents, photographs, bills, records, and reports.
  3. When a party is requesting verification of certain information they may send a Request for Admission to be submitted within a certain amount of time else the information will be deemed as admitted.
  4. Depositions are formal question and answer sessions recorded in an attempt to attain as much information about the case as possible.
  5. For further proof of injury in a personal injury case, information from an independent medical examiner will often be requested.

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