What is Evidence? What is Authentication?

Evidence & Authentication


Any type of physical proof of an accident that helps provide information in cases involving injury and damage.

  1. It is important to take notes soon after an accident to provide the most relevant and accurate information. It is sometimes easy to forget specifics after an accident.
  2. Preserve any evidence if possible. Taking pictures and keeping any documentation pertaining to the accident, including receipts and insurance information.
  3. Police reports should be obtained by contacting the police and requesting a copy of the report. It will provide important facts and assessments from a knowledgeable party.
  4. Medical records will help provide information regarding whether or not injuries are due to the accident or from a previous condition. Your medical provider should be able to provide these documents.


Verifying any evidence provided is factual and accurate. Any evidence not properly authenticated can be thrown out.

  1. The court must deem the evidence as genuine to the point where it will support the party that found the evidence
  2. The fact-finder must decide if they find the evidence genuine.

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