What is the time limit to sue for negligence in Florida?

IHire Tampa Accident Lawyern the state of Florida, the time limit to sue for negligence is generally 4 years. But for some instances, this limit can be shorter or longer.

Cases that involve private businesses or government entities may change the statute of limitations for your claim. With large supermarkets and retail businesses, it is still generally a 4-year statute of limitations.

In cases that involve medical malpractice, the statute of limitations decreases to 2 years. This means a lawsuit must be filed within two years or the case will be dismissed. If the injury was not noticed immediately, you have two years from the date of discovery, but still only have a maximum of four years from the procedure that caused the injury.

In actions to recover wages, overtime, damages, or penalties concerning the payment of wages and overtime the limit is also 2 years. This limit also applies to cases that involve wrongful death.

If a claim is for uninsured or uninsured motorist coverage under an automobile insurance policy, the time limit may be increased to 5 years.

There are almost no cases in which these statutes of limitations are lifted or changed. If the lawsuit is not filed within the specified time limit, your claim will be dismissed.

Every case is unique and may require knowledge of specific time limits for your case. It is best to speak to a professional who may be more knowledgeable about your type of claim and be able to give you any information on deadlines for your claim.

If you wish to look for time limits on your own, the statutes of limitations for claims other than recovery of real property can be found in Title VIII, Chapter 95, Section 11 of the 2013 Florida Statutes.

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