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Alarming New Study Shows Women Have Significantly Increased Risk of Uterine & Breast Cancers With Even Minimal Use of Chemical Hair Straighteners

The NIH has found a significant link between chemical hair straighteners, also called smoothers or relaxers, and uterine and breast cancers. 

There is also a correlation between these products and infertility, as well as serious fibroids.

You may be able to file a chemical hair straightener lawsuit if you:

  • Used chemical hair straightening products or relaxers
  • Were later diagnosed with endometrial or uterine cancer

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What's The Danger Of Chemical Hair Straighteners?

Approximately 90% of women who identify as non-Asian women of color have used hair straighteners in their lifetimes.

An 11-year NIH study that followed more than 33,000 women showed that those who use hair straighteners, regardless of brand, four or more times in one year are twice as likely to develop breast cancer or uterine cancer.

A correlation has also been made between hair straighteners and severe fibroids, as well as infertility.


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Who Can File A Hair Relaxer, Smoother Or Straightener Lawsuit?

I am currently accepting clients for hair relaxer-related breast and uterine cancers, as well as for related infertility and serious fibroids requiring surgical intervention.

The primary criteria are:

  • Must have used hair relaxer/straightener/ smoother in a salon or at home four or more times in one year. The brand does not matter.
  • Must have been diagnosed with breast cancer, uterine cancer, serious fibroids requiring surgery, or infertility after using straightening chemical.
  • Obesity at the time of diagnosis will drastically decrease the value of the case.
The dresser straightens the hair of this young woman by applying a hair product.

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