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Burn injuries can leave deep wounds, both physically, and psychologically. Often these injuries are a result of negligence – on the part of an employer, or a landlord. Whether that means a building fire, locked fire exit, defective products, or even a car accident, a good attorney can help guide you through the proceedings. 

Obviously, neither employers nor landlords enjoy paying out in situations like this, even when they’re at fault. They often retain legal counsel, and will use their resources to fight to pay you as little as possible. It’s important to have an attorney on hand to make sure you are compensated fairly, for both physical and psychological damages. 

Burn injuries are graded on a scale from first degree to third degree, in order of severity. 

First degree burns – First degree burns are the tamest of the bunch. These burns are relegated entirely to the top level of skin. They usually present as redness of the skin and minor inflammation. When treated with aloe vera and cool water, they will often fully heal within a week or so.

Second degree burns – Second degree burns are a little more serious. A second degree burn means that the damage has gone beyond the top layer of skin. You should expect extremely red and blistered skin, and should seek medical attention. Making sure that the wound is bandaged properly is crucial. These burns often take weeks to heal. 

Third degree burns – Third degree burns are the worst by far. These are burns that extend through all the layers of skin, even affecting bones and organs. The wounds often look black or white, and are very dry. Third degree burns can cause hypothermia, permanent nerve damage, and even death. 

Obviously when that much damage is at play, the settlements can be quite large. But to make sure that you get what you deserve, a good attorney is crucial. Not to mention the relief you’ll feel in knowing that you have a professional in your corner, someone who has been through this time and time again.

Who can be held responsible for my burn injury?

Anyone from employers to landlords to product manufacturers to drivers can all be held liable if they are at fault. So the answer really depends on how you were injured. With the help of a good burn injury lawyer, you can determine who is responsible and pursue a relevant legal action.

Do I need to move quickly with my burn injury?

Of course. As with all kinds of accidents, evidence can easily be lost, or in some cases destroyed (e.g. repairs done on a faulty piece of machinery). The earlier you involve an attorney, the better job will be done with documenting any important evidence, and building a comprehensive case to help you win the money you deserve.

Will my burn injury case settle out of court?

Probably. Over 90% of burn injury cases settle out of court.

Those affected by burn injuries likely suffer from physical and psychological scars that leave them unable to function or work.

When these types of injuries are due to someone else’s negligence – like when an employer does not adhere to laws about workplace safety or an apartment complex doesn’t properly maintain fire safety systems – victims may be due some form of compensation because their injuries could’ve been prevented had the third party not been negligent.

Insurance companies, property management firms and landlords will typically not only retain their own counsel, but will attempt to pay out the least amount possible. Without a proper burn injury lawyer, you can lose all that you’re owed.

Contacting a burn injury lawyer in Tampa is an important first step in recovering the compensation that’s due to you.

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