What Should I Do & Can I Sue After a Tesla Autopilot Car Accident?

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While autopilot technology is incredible, there have been more than a few accidents that directly relate to Tesla Autopilot.

The technology brings a certain level of complexity to car accident cases where:

  • You or your property are struck by a Tesla using Autopilot
  • You are driving or riding in a Tesla using Autopilot and become involved in an accident

Each case will have a wide variety of factors that influence the potential for suing after experiencing an accident related to Autopilot technology. We will cover the steps you should take after a Tesla Autopilot accident and explore the variables affecting the potential of a lawsuit.

What Is Tesla Autopilot?

Tesla drivers can choose to upgrade their cars to unlock a self-driving capability called Autopilot. This feature uses hardware, including eight cameras around the car that give a 360-degree view up to 800 feet. Twelve sensors detect objects in front of and around the car, and software analyzes the data to tell the car to speed up, slow down, move, or brake.

According to Tesla, a driver who engages Autopilot must stay alert and operate the vehicle according to state laws—including paying attention to the road and avoiding hazards.

If you believe the Tesla Autopilot driver acted with “wanton disregard for human life” by removing their hands from the wheel and ignoring road hazards, you may be entitled to compensation from the driver.

What Should Happen After Any Car Accident

While the Tesla Autopilot technology can significantly impact some car accidents, you’ll need to follow the standard protocols that should occur after any car accident.

Report the Accident to Authorities and Your Insurance

Immediately after the accident, check on the safety and condition of those around you. Some situations may demand that you move your vehicles out of surrounding traffic, if possible.

Next, contact your local police department and emergency services to report the incident. Follow their directions and answer any questions honestly when they arrive. Officers provide official documentation that is useful later on if you pursue a lawsuit for compensation.

Make a note of any identifying features of any involved individuals and their vehicles if they leave the scene before officials arrive. Partial license plates or clothing descriptions can help officials track down individuals who leave the accident location.

It’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident in which you were involved without giving other involved parties your name and address, so make sure you do that at any point immediately after the accident.

Finally, contact your automotive insurance company on the same day the accident occurs.

Assist with Documentation and Cooperate with the Investigation

While the police are on the way, you can help document the area by taking photos and videos of the scene and surrounding environment. Take note of anyone nearby who might be a witness and share that information with the officer who arrives at the accident location.

If you suspect the other driver was using Autopilot at the time of the accident, report this suspicion to the officers on the scene. The officials can further investigate whether anyone was using Autopilot and share their findings in the final report. These facts can significantly impact your case.

If you have any involvement with an accident, you should not leave the scene until permitted by any medical attendants or police officers. Your cooperation helps authorities perform their duties more effectively.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

After you are allowed to return home and complete the call to your insurance to report the accident, it’s time to consider a car accident attorney. Many attorneys offer free case reviews to individuals who want to explore their legal options after a car accident involving Tesla Autopilot.

You can contact multiple attorneys to learn more about how much the legal representation will cost and whether they offer an “only pay if you win” agreement. You might feel tense or unsure about these questions and potential costs, but the benefit of legal representation is well worth it.

Your lawyer assists with:

  • Gathering eyewitness statements
  • Investigating whether Tesla Autopilot was involved in the accident
  • Negotiating with your insurance company
  • Preparing and filing appropriate court documents

Be sure to share any concerns about Autopilot technology, medical costs, and any documented long-term injuries or disabilities with your potential lawyer. These essential details are crucial to exploring the viability and extent of your potential car accident lawsuit.

Can I Sue After a Tesla Autopilot Accident?

In certain Tesla Autopilot car accident cases, yes, you can sue Tesla, the company responsible for the defective technology.

Each case is different and may or may not qualify for the legal pursuit of compensation. This differentiation is why it is essential to speak with an experienced attorney who works on behalf of individuals involved in car accidents.

An attorney can help affected clients navigate the legal paperwork and litigation process with less stress and frustration. Your attorney can guide you through the legal experience while working in your best interests.

What Is Common Compensation After an Accident?

Common claims for compensation help cover expenses associated with:

  • Damage to the vehicle or personal property
  • Medical bills for injuries
  • Emotional and physical trauma
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of life

Insurance companies can be challenging to deal with on your own. A local, experienced attorney will be able to navigate the red tape and negotiate more effectively than if you attempt to claim compensation by self-representation.

A Tampa, Florida Legal Professional for Tesla Autopilot Car Accidents

After being involved in a Tesla Autopilot car accident, are you looking for legal representation?

You can find local lawyers in Tampa, Florida, who can provide the legal services you seek. Michael Herron offers valuable legal knowledge and experience in automotive accident cases.

With the help of an attorney from the Law Offices of Michael Herron, you don’t have to learn the technicalities of Tesla Autopilot. Hire a lawyer with adequate training and experience in Autopilot car accidents and wrongful deaths who knows how best to fight for you.

Call the Law Offices of Michael Herron in Tampa, Florida, at (813) 258-4878 to schedule a free case review. You can reach our office 24 hours a day to discuss your legal options after a Tesla Autopilot car accident.

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